How internet connectivity is revolutionizing the world

Network connectivity or the internet has revolutionized all nations across the globe. Every aspect of human life seems to rely on the internet, starting from communication to education, entertainment, trade and commerce and, the entire world is at the fingertips of internet users with internet companies competing to provide the best internet speed alongside the lowest possible cost.

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How Fast Is Your Internet?

When selecting the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) Internet speed is one of the most critical considerations. It determines how fast and efficiently you can perform tasks online at a single time.

With Video on Demand and streaming services like Showmax, Netflix or Hulu becoming popular it is critical to have a fast home internet connection.

If you have a slow internet speed, you might run into trouble performing tasks on the web like streaming videos, playing video games or uploading files. 

Depending on where you stay, you can be able to asses which internet service provider is around. The companies usually structure internet speeds from below 1 Mbps to more than 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps).

  • Home usage: You’ll need at least 3 Mbps to browse and stream videos,
  • Netflix: 3 Mbps for standard definition; 5 Mbps for HD; 15 Mbps for UHD or 4K
  • Hulu: 3 Mbps for on-demand; 8 Mbps for Live TV; 16 Mbps for 4k content
  • Amazon Prime Video: 1 Kbps for SD; 5 Mbps for HD

How to check your internet speeds

Internet speed refers to how much data and information can be transferred over the web on a single connection at any given time.

You can easily check your internet speed using our platform to get a thorough picture of the speed and bandwidth.

To figure out how fast your internet and Wi-Fi connections are, use to take an online speed test with a computer that’s connected to your home network. We will also tell you your ping time and upload.