Who Are The Best Internet Providers In Kenya?

Kenya stands as a front-runner in the telecommunications sector in Africa, boasting some of the most competitive internet service providers (ISPs). Navigating the vast array of options can be daunting. Here is an overview of Kenya’s top internet providers catering to both residential and enterprise customers, along with insights into their distinct offerings and advantages:

Safaricom PLC:

  • Safaricom PLC, a name synonymous with Kenyan telecommunications, stands as the foremost internet service provider in the country, commanding the largest market share.
  • The company provides a wide spectrum of internet services, ranging from mobile and fixed broadband to fiber-optic connections, accommodating diverse customer needs.
  • Safaricom’s extensive network infrastructure enables it to offer exceptional coverage and commendable internet speeds across a vast geographical area, reaching even remote regions of Kenya.
  • The provider consistently invests in network upgrades and infrastructure expansion, ensuring customers benefit from cutting-edge internet technology.
  • Safaricom’s customer support channels are easily accessible, ensuring timely and efficient resolution of customer queries and technical difficulties.


  • Zuku, operated by Wananchi Group, has made a significant mark in the Kenyan internet landscape, establishing itself as a reliable service provider.
  • Predominantly focused on fiber optic internet, Zuku offers consistently high-speed connections to both residential and business customers.
  • Zuku’s fiber network reaches many parts of Kenya’s urban and suburban areas, providing coverage in major cities and towns.
  • The provider boasts a dedicated customer service team, offering responsive support through various channels, including phone, email, and social media.
  • Zuku constantly strives to enhance its network capacity and coverage, ensuring customers enjoy seamless and reliable internet connectivity.

Jamii Telecom:

  • Jamii Telecom, initially known for its fixed wireless internet services, has since expanded its offerings to include fiber optic connections, catering to a broader customer base.
  • The company offers a diverse range of internet packages tailored to suit different bandwidth requirements and budgets.
  • Jamii Telecom sets itself apart with its strong focus on customer satisfaction, emphasizing prompt and professional customer support.
  • The provider has a growing network footprint, continually extending its coverage to reach underserved regions in Kenya.
  • Jamii Telecom’s commitment to innovation and technology keeps it at the forefront of delivering high-quality internet services to its clientele.

Airtel Kenya:

  • Airtel Kenya, a subsidiary of the global telecommunications giant, boasts a robust and expansive network infrastructure in Kenya.
  • The provider offers a wide range of internet services, including mobile broadband, fixed broadband, and fiber optic connections.
  • Airtel’s mobile network covers a vast majority of the Kenyan population, ensuring widespread accessibility to its internet services.
  • The provider emphasizes affordable internet packages, catering to cost-conscious customers seeking value for their money.
  • Airtel Kenya’s commitment to network modernization and technological advancements aims to deliver improved connectivity and faster internet speeds to its customers.

In the evolving Kenyan internet landscape, these top providers continuously strive to outdo one another with innovative offerings, reliable connectivity, and exceptional customer service. Ultimately, the choice of internet provider depends on individual needs, location, and budget, encouraging informed decision-making to ensure a satisfactory internet experience.

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