Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are unique numerical identifiers assigned to each device connected to the internet. IP addresses are essential for routing traffic between devices and ensuring that data is delivered to the correct destination.

The following is a list of the top 20 organizations with the largest IP allocations in Kenya, based on data from DB-IP:

RankNameIPv4 addresses
1Safaricom Limited6,879,488
2Airtel Networks Kenya Limited2,959,616
3Jambonet Autonomous System745,984
4Kenya Education Network635,392
5Wananchi Group (K) LTD395,520
6AccessKenya Group186,368
7Jamii Telecommunications Limited105,472
8Liquid Telecommunications Kenya Limited30,720
9Echotel International Kenya Limited22,528
10Internet Solutions Kenya AS18,944
11MyISP Limited16,128
15Angani Limited8,448
16Tangerine Limited8,192
17Frontier Optical Networks Ltd7,424
18Broadband bandwidth to Africa6,656
19Syokinet Solutions Limited6,144
20Cellulant LTD5,376

These organizations provide a variety of services, including internet access, telecommunications, and data center services. They play a vital role in the Kenyan economy and society, enabling businesses and individuals to connect to the internet and access online resources.

The increasing demand for internet access in Kenya is driving the need for more IP addresses. The Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP) has been working to increase the availability of IP addresses in Kenya by providing a platform for internet service providers to exchange traffic and manage their IP address resources.

The Kenyan government has also taken steps to increase the availability of IP addresses. In 2018, the Communications Authority of Kenya allocated 16 million IPv4 addresses to internet service providers in Kenya.

The government has also committed to supporting the deployment of IPv6, which will provide an even larger pool of IP addresses.

The increasing availability of IP addresses in Kenya is essential for the continued growth and development of the Internet economy.

As more and more businesses and individuals connect to the internet, IP addresses will be essential for enabling them to communicate and access online resources.

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