The input of the coding curriculum by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development has been passed as the government moves to boost digital literacy for learners.

An aim is to play a key role in the content development of the Digital Literacy Programme (DLP) through which the government has offered a distribution of 1.2 million laptops for learners across the country.

Coding involves the translation of human intentions into commands easily comprehensible by computers also called programming.

Kodris Africa online publishing firm and ICT Authority (ICTA) have made a deal to implement coding as a part of the curriculum in select schools.

Kipronoh Ronoh, acting Chief Executive ICTA, stated that with the approved digital content provided by Kodris Africa content, there remains no doubt that Kenya is ready to go to the next level.

For effectiveness, the DLP and ICT Authority have equipped schools with laptops and tablets with the government ensuring Kenya Power connects electricity to more than 22,000 schools across Kenya.

The ICT Authority and the Ministry of Education are set to pick the first batch of public schools in which the coding content will be deployed as part of the piloting process.

Mugumo Munene, Kodris Africa chief executive, urges on the importance of this novel coding content as it’s a valuable addition to the new world of education and seeks to enhance the worldview of learners.

Kenya being the first African country to approve coding as part of the syllabus, acknowledges that digital literacy is a key plank of the competency-based curriculum that has now been rolled out in Grade Six, the final level of the primary school cycle.

Evident is the vitality of coding and computer programming as a job skill in the changing world that is more technological, computerized, and connected.

ICT Ministry unveiled the Kenya National Digital Master plan 2022-2032 a blueprint for leveraging and deepening the contribution of the ICT sector to accelerate socio-economic growth pushed for the deal set up.

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