Poa! Internet, Kenya’s community internet service provider (ISP) plans to double its network coverage area by the end of April, with the launch of services in six new areas across Nairobi and Kiambu counties.

The new networks will then be followed in June by the launch of six additional networks across new parts of Kenya, making the ISP five times their current size in just a few months.

“Poa is already the fastest growing community ISP in Kenya,” says Andy Halsall, the firm’s CEO. “We are now really accelerating our expansion plans to increase our network reach to hundreds of thousands more people across Kenya”.

The expansion programme is expected to rapidly move poa! up the rankings to become one of Kenya’s top tier internet companies.

This year, poa! customer numbers have continued to experience rapid growth. The latest report from the Communication Authority of Kenya ranks the company in 4th position with 7.5 per cent market share, according to the firm.

By the end of April, poa! plans to cover new areas, including Ndumberi, Githunguri, Dagoretti, Waithaka, Kinoo, Kikuyu and Racecourse.

“Our entire business model is based on continually delivering low cost unlimited internet access to those areas that are otherwise poorly served. We are expecting to maintain our current exponential growth throughout 2019, and confidently expect to enter the country’s top tier internet providers during this year,” says the CEO.

Poa! offers their home broadband customers unlimited internet of speeds up to 4Mbps for KES 1500 per month and has maintained the same price since launching the service in 2017; most other competitors have raised their prices over this time.

“This year marks poa!’s biggest expansion ever as we work to end the digital divide across Kenya,” Andy says.

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